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Football judgment protest discriminates against a law sufficient assist be pointed to " consider a head to disregard buttocks " -- in new network
Sufficient to strong France assist for, meet " consider a head to disregard buttocks " the thing is quite awkward then. When they got menace of law armour judgment postpones the game 15 minutes, the judgment that uses league matches of the 3rd level toughly instantly will replace, did not think of to offend wool however the brother of law armour -- the referees of law second, law second judgment announces to postpone the game half hour directly, because have not enough time to take new step, france is sufficient assist only able glare.
Since period of time, the contradiction of law armour team and judgment increasingly become acute, because this is in the league matches that undertakes on the weekend originally, the condition that the referees of law armour show to want to enter in order to refuse postpones the game 15 minutes, use the discrimination of remonstrant football bound to the judgment. Result France is sufficient assist will enrol firm, announce the judgment that uses league matches of the 3rd level replaces law armour judges. Cannot think of, like law armour be subordinate to belongs to the immediately of law second judgment of senior judge labour union to announce, to express the support to the person of the same trade, they draft will that evening league matches defers half hours to undertake entirely. This, because do not have sufficient time to find vicarious, sufficient assist the protest that looks at referees helplessly is ultimate " prevail " . China on the [url=]cheap air jordans for sale[/url] west Yan Wenwen of Metropolis Daily reporter

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Country if rice sells Sineide to will bring Nasili gunman general is absolutely good carry on
QieerxiThis sports season does not have the club predestined relationship champion, this lets boss A cloth decide to increase devoted strength. Be in new advocate below the strong demand of handsome Xidingke, qieerxi toCountry riceBefore waistSineideLaunched violent attack. Although the person shows Sineideben,be willing to continue to stay inItaly, but rice still felt the country the crisis, blue black army group stays hard on one handHolandPerson, but also had made two tactics preparation at the same time.
Disclose according to celestial sports, once Sineide turns,meet, so rice will introduce the countryNasiliAs the person that replace. And Italy turns meeting market expert Dimaerqiao also thinks, "Nasili is a country really the target of rice, FrancePerson andAsennathe contract was about to expire 2012. Nasili is a country rice is turning the popular person selected on meeting market, rice is in the country all the time before secret operation this matter. Rice meets the country to whether turn according to Sineide now will decide to whether introduce Nasili, next a few days of everybody can be informed detail. Next a few days of everybody can be informed detail..
Nasili joined in 2008 Asenna, it is the brunt of gunman all the time, be in at presentFrench nation groupAlso got advocate put sb in a very important position of handsome cloth orchidaceous. And Nasili's characteristic and Sineide are very similar, accurate technology of the energy that pass a ball is outstanding, having at the same time [url=]nike air max 95[/url] very strong notch ability, be about the same even free kick kongfu even, if rice can introduce the country Nasili, so Sineide also won't be opposite even if let slip the tactics of team causes too big effect.
The contract of Nasili and Asenna returns remnant one year to be about to expire, can be him renew the contract to do not have progress all the time. Asenna advocate handsome Wen Ge has been made public before this express, won't let absolutelyFulaminiThe circumstance of free drop out happens again, if Nasili rejects to renew the contract,this also is meant, the club meets Asenna to sell him in this summer for certain. Do not pass a nation rice wants to introduce Nasili to must accelerate rate, becauseYing ChaoRich and powerful familyGraceful coupletLikewise right Nasili very have fun at.